Be a Guest Blogger for Us

  1. We are no longer taking guest posts from businesses.
  2. If you wish to write for us you must either be from an academic institution, or be a private consultant (not representing a business).

The eLearning Site is a great place for guest blogging on the web with a growing number of guest articles. TeLS attracts guest bloggers to share their eLearning  knowledge, research, case studies, how tos, as well as showcasing writing skills and attracting other guest blogging assignments.

We invite you to write a guest article on eLearning. Your post will be read by online teachers, online students, instructional designers, eLearning support staff and LMS administrators.

How does this benefit you?

  • Trusted by a growing number of guest bloggers – we go out of the way to give exposure to your blog.
  • Free Social Media Promotion –  we promote all our articles on Facebook and Twitter (9000+ followers).
  • Sticky – the best articles appear in our “most popular” widget visible on every page, giving you maximum exposure.
  • Consistency – guest posts are collected in a dedicated Guest Posts Category, so people can easily find your post.
  • Future Links – write a popular article and get listed in our Best Articles of The Year post at the end of the year.
  • Quick Publishing – depending on the guest articles lined up, and adherence to guidelines, your article can be published as quickly as within few hours. We dont keep you waiting unnecessarily.
  • High Quality – we accept high quality guest articles, if you don’t quite make the grade, but your article has promise, we work with you to make improvements.
  • More Guest Articles – you are welcome to submit more articles to get more exposure.

We Do Expect

  • eLearning Topics – see what we write and what our readers like to get a better response.
  • Original Unique Content – not published on your blog or any other blog in original or any modified form. Your own work – you must be the copyright own of the content, images etc.
  • Exclusivity – the same article cannot be modified and published elsewhere (unless approved by us before publication). You can link back to the article from your blog to let your readers know about your article. We check for plagiarism.

We Don’t Expect

  • Sponsored paid articles / links
  • Self promotional articles for your product / service: we allow one link to your own site (or site you write for) in your bio
  • Promoting individual products / services / companies
  • Affiliate links / Sponsored links / keyword links
  • Links to unrelated sites /deeplinks
  • Links solely for purpose of anchor text for keyword SEO
  • Hidden info / Misrepresentation of facts
  • Fake author info (nicknames are OK)
  • Inappropriate / abusive language
  • Defamatory content / suggestion
  • Linking out to banned sites / adult sites / redirects
  • Copyrighted content
  • Too short
  • Poor images
  • Not following guidelines

Guest Article Format

Please stick to the format when you send your article and read these guidelines. This will help us get your article posted more quickly.

  • Title – This should be a short as possible but still tell readers what the post is about.
  • First sentence – Choose your first sentence with care as this  is shown on the front page of the site and becomes the META description tag of the article and affects search engine search result rankings.
  • Article Text – Use  bold and italics for emphasis. Structure with paragraphs. Bullets and numbered lists often get a better response from readers.
  • Subheadings – Use  H3 tags for subheadings.
  • External Link policy – Links which add to the usefulness of the article for readers are allowed. All links are do-follow. Articles with links that are not related to the article will not be published.
  • Images – Add a suitable image as it helps to get a better reader response. Search Flickr with Creative Commons license for suitable images. Ensure images are no wider than 500 px. Indicate source of image for credits.
  • Author Byline – Provide a brief bio we can add at the end of your piece, including how people can contact you. This can include one link to information about you .
  • Copyright – the article (text, diagrams) must be your own work and you must be the copyright owner.
  • References should be in Vancouver.
  • Length – 500-1000 words, but contact us if you are outside this.
  • Format – our preferred format is Word, but submissions can be written in Open Office or Rich Text Format. If you wish to submit in another format please contact us first.
  • We reserve the right to edit your article to fit our audience.
  • Remember, you know what your original Word attachment was, but we get lots of email so please always resend the whole document with the amendments requested included.

This list of requirements may change over time.

Current content required:

  • 5 (more if you can) examples of how augmented reality has changed the face of the primary curriculum
  • Ditto for tertiary teaching
  • Reviews of new software / apps

Send your work to carol [at]