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If your staff aren’t like John Mein, you need to read the whole post to see how to get staff using whiteboards to their best advantage.
John Mein, a sixth-grade language arts teacher in Kerrville, Texas, used to prepare students for vocabulary tests by having them make flash cards. Then he got an interactive whiteboard.
Now a typical vocab lesson starts with animated spiders dropping down from web strings. Next, pumpkins roll on-screen, and then witches and ghosts fly in. Mein’s class breaks into teams, and students take turns chucking Koosh balls and firing Nerf darts at the board. When one of them hits a spooky image, a question page pops up. If one team gets the wrong answer, the next team can swoop in to steal the points.
After class, Mein posts videos of the games to his blog and to YouTube so students can use them to study. “They love it,” Mein says. “They get on me if I don’t post the video.”
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