Tip for using Google Drive in Class

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As the word gets out about the many advantages of using Google docs, lots of teachers are becoming experts at creating and sharing documents in Google Drive – as well as exercising the “comments” and “see revision history” tools to provide student feedback on writing assignments (as I described in my first Google Drive article).
If you’ve rolled out Google Drive in your classes, either via individual accounts or through Google Apps for Education, then you know you can effectively employ it to share and collect assignments from your students. However, to save yourself from being inundated with electronic documents, you need to be sure that part of your lesson preparation includes effective workflow planning. Otherwise, you may find some tire marks on those carefully constructed lessons as Google Drive’s powerful features careen out of control.
Here are a few tips that have worked for me in the classroom.
via Don’t Let Google Drive Leave Tire Marks on Your Lesson Plans.

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