Three Things ‘Draw Something’ Can Teach Us About Better Design

Draw Something

A friend of mine introduced me to ‘Draw Something’ last month and I must admit – I’m addicted. I’ve always been a doodler but this app really ups the ante by challenging me to illustrate a wide array of concepts – everything from simple words like ‘cow’ to people like ‘Lady Gaga’ or ‘Madonna’ – so they can be guessed by a friend who’s also drawing words for you. You earn coins for correct guesses and successful rounds are celebrated.
Now, I already fancied myself to be a visual person, but playing Draw Something has really reinforced to me that visual thinking is only one layer of design. It’s also shown me where some of my own design strengths and weaknesses lie. Here are three specific design lessons I’ve learned…
Full article: Trina Rimmer » The 3 Things ‘Draw Something’ Can Teach Us About Being Better Designers.

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