The “people don’t want to take a 2-hour course on their phone” half-truth

Picture this…
In Chicago there is a 5:04pm express train that goes directly from the train station at Canal & Madison to the western suburbs about 30 miles away. It arrives at 5:38, which given the traffic in the Chicago-land area, seems like something out of the Jetsons.   This train is highly coveted and at 5:01pm, the intersection of Canal & Madison is a dangerous place as hordes of briefcase toting commuters vie for a spot on that train.

Miss the 5:04 and you will be a) stuck on an hour long ride that seems to stop every 4 minutes, b) probably be late for dinner, c) likely to miss your child’s practice or game, and d) almost assuredly have to answer your “significant other.”
This post is dedicated to those “5:04 Warriors” who, while not wanting to finish a continuing education course on their phone, will do so in a heartbeat to make that train.
There is a difference between wanting to take a course and needing to take a course. The mobile device makes the need more accessible and convenient.
[This post ably makes the point that people want to access content at a time and place that suits them, and if that time and place means using your mobile device then so be it. ]
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