The New Networking: Ultimate Twitter Guide for 2012 Grads

In our New Networking series, we’re taking a look at how today’s new college graduates can put social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to work in their post-grad networking efforts. We’ve already explored tips and resources for getting the most out of Facebook, and we’re tackling everyone’s favorite site for instant connections, Twitter.
Twitter is a great option for new-to-networking grads because of its low level of commitment. Anyone can follow and connect with celebrities, visionary businesspeople, and brands with just a moment’s thought and click of the mouse. That makes it so easy to cast your net far and wide, building your network at a rapid pace just 140 characters at a time. Highlighting Twitter chats, location-based apps, and lots of good advice, we’ve got your ultimate guide for making Twitter an incredibly effective tool for your post-graduate networking life.
Consider these tips to turn your Twitter account into a new grad networking powerhouse.
Full Text: The New Networking: Ultimate Twitter Guide for 2012 Grads – Online Colleges.

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