The “m” in mLearning means More

Much More

When you go to a conference on Mobile Learning or attend a webinar, you pretty much know the drill; the Presenter spends most of his or her time going through a long list of challenges we face as an eLearning industry considering the move to mobile learning (mLearning).
And it’s always the same challenges, what are we going to do with our existing eLearning since Adobe Flash doesn’t work on iOS devices? The screens are too small on smartphones for us to do anything worthwhile, connections on mobile devices aren’t reliable enough, there are too many devices to target all of them, and on and on.
It’s a bit depressing in my opinion.
I’m not minimizing the importance of these challenges, but I strongly believe each of these constraints are actually a good thing, because they force us to focus on solutions and find new ways of doing things. And when we do this, invariably innovation follows.
As I prepare for my presentation at mLearnCon in June on “The Mobile Learning Paradigm Shift: Thinking Mobile First,” my goal is to not only make a case for why we need to embrace these challenges and think different about mLearning, but also, I want to use my talk as an opportunity to discuss why we need to be excited about the amazing possibilities mobile brings to developing Learning.
I happen to think that mobile will enable us to do much “more” than what we have been able to do with eLearning on Desktop.
Full article: The “m” in mLearning means More | The Mobile Learning Revolution Blog.

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