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The Asian Conference on Technology in the Classroom

10 to 12 June 2011 Osaka, Japan

International Conference on Techonlogy and its use in the Classroom, and in the virtual environments related to teaching: Conference Theme: Technology and Education: Finding the Right Tool for the Right Job

The deadline for abstracts/proposals is 1 April 2011.


Where it once might have been enough to only know about email and PowerPoint, today’s wired educators must know much more. And with technological advances occurring at lightening speed it can be challenging to keep up with our choices. Thus it is more important than ever to share with our colleagues as we develop appropriate techniques for using technology in our classrooms.

In this age of technological innovation, the ACTC 2011 will reach across academic levels to look at the role of technology and its impact on the classroom. It combines the use of new technologies with some new ideas on these issues. The ACTC 2011 will attract a diverse group of teachers, researchers, practitioners and scholars who are engaged in the singular goal of meeting students’ educational needs, as students can learn about crucial issues and become familiar with web-based learning and the other information technology tools. The use of technology in the classroom represents a significant departure from traditional teaching methods, conducting research, assessing student performance and assurance of learning. Moreover, it creates a user friendly and economically viable environment conducive to learning in any corner in the world where access to technology exists.

We hope you can join us in Osaka!

Professor Steve Cornwell,
Conference Chairman, ACTC/ACLL 2011
Professor, Department of International and English Interdisciplinary Studies, Osaka Women’s University, Japan Director of Programs, & Member of the Board of Directors, Japan Association of Language Teachers
IAFOR International IAB Member

NB. The Asian Conference on Language Learning 2011 will be held alongside the Asian Conference on Technology in the Classroom. Registrants for either conference will allow attendees the option of attending sessions in the other.

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