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Free Turnitin Webinar: Grading the Top 100 Student Sources

Based on a recent Turnitin analysis, nearly 50% of student sources come from sites with content of questionable educational value. What are these sites and how do they rate in terms of appropriateness, quality of content, and value?
This webcast will explore the top 100 student sources that secondary and higher education student use, including the top questionable and creditable sites. We also provide suggestions on how to better guide students in conducting appropriate research online.
Date: Thursday, February 7, 2013
Time: 10:00am PT / 11:00am MT / 12:00 noon CT / 1:00pm ET
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Cost: Complimentary
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The 10 Most Popular Writing Resources Being Used By Students

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The plagiarism prevention and grading assistance company Turnitin this week released an updated report on sources in student writing, and while higher ed students demonstrated better judgement in selecting academically-viable source material than their secondary-ed counterparts, several less desirable websites found their way into the rankings.
According to Turnitin, these are the top 10 sites that university and college students used, based on the company’s analysis of 156 content matches in 37 million student papers that were submitted to Turnitin between July 2011 and June 2012:

  1. Wikipedia
  2. Oppapers.com
  3. Slideshare.net
  4. Coursehero.com\
  5. Scibd.com
  6. Answers.Tahoo.com
  7. Answers.com
  8. Medlibrary.org
  9. BigNerds.com
  10. PaperCamp.com

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10 Types of Plagiarism Defined byTurnitin

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Recently, plagiarism detection service Turnitin performed a survey of some 879 educators in a bid to understand what kinds of plagiarism were the most common in academia and, equally importantly, which were viewed as being the most problematic.
In a recent whitepaper posted to its site, Turnitin reported on the findings of its study and laid out what the educators said along with some analysis of their own.
The results were not shocking, but still provided a great deal of insight into both how educators view and treat plagiarism as well as what students are actually doing.
So what did the survey find?
Read the Full Text: Turnitin Analyzes the Spectrum of Plagiarism | Plagiarism Today.

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