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Preparation & Training Key to Exploiting EduTech

Teachers who are well-trained and prepared to use technology in class typically produce better results in the classrooms than those who are not.

Teacher using a tablet with a student

Personal digital devices like tablets and laptops work better in the classroom when used along with an interactive whiteboard, finds a recent study by Filigree Consulting — and that purposeful planning and preparation went a long way toward improving academic outcomes using education technology.
Researchers looked at the practices of over 300 educators from around the world and found that when each student was equipped with a personal-use device, equipping teachers with an interactive whiteboard resulted in a more efficient academic environment since it allowed for rapid switching between whole-class assignments, individual work and small-group instruction.
Additionally, the researchers found that teachers who were effectively trained, used high-quality digital content, and had a well-developed best practices guide extracted more value out of instructional technology than their less-prepared peers.
Full Text: Preparation, Training Key to Exploiting Education Technology | Education News.

Bus Turned Into Mobile Classroom

Inside the eCoach

ShoreTel announced earlier this week it partnered with Scottsdale (Ariz.) Unified School District to deploy the eCoach, a first-of-its-kind mobile learning and technology training bus that will be used to train teachers and enhance students’ learning.
While numerous school districts across the nation have utilized ShoreTel’s communication solutions, Scottsdale Unified has taken this one step further by converting an old school bus into a modern mobile classroom to train teachers on new technology tools and gadgets before they hit the classroom.
[Great idea, more education depts should do this for upskilling teachers]
Full Text: Scottsdale School District Turns Bus Into Mobile Classroom With ShoreTel Technology.