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20 Education Technology Tools Every Teacher Should Know About

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Here are twenty tools that you can use to help you plan and teach your class. Some tools are good for organizing your class and others are good for organizing online projects. Some of the tools are good little teaching aides. The list is in no particular order, and many of them could be used by students too if they were technologically literate.
1 – Animoto
This allows you to create video-based lessons and presentations for your classroom.
2 – Capzles
You can use this to gather various media such as videos, images and documents. It makes teaching in a modern classroom a lot easier. It is also good for online projects.
3 – Creaza
This tool allows you to brainstorm, edit videos, edit audio and create cartoons. You can do all of this in order to prepare for your classes and present your class to your students.
4 – Educreations
This is an online tool that teachers and students can use on their iPad. The teacher my create videos on certain topics. The students and the teacher can show off their knowledge via this tool.
5 – FunBrain
This is full of a collection of fantastic educational games. It is good for teaching students reading and math.
6 – Glogster
This is a social site where the students are allowed to mix up photos, videos and music, so that they may show them off to their friends. It is good for teachers to encourage creative student projects.
7 – Google Docs
A teacher can store documents online and share presentations and spreadsheets. A teacher can share this information with other students and teachers.
8 – Khan Academy
A lot of teachers use this tool because it is full of science, math and finance quizzes and lectures. Teachers use this tool to supplement their usual classroom materials.
9 – MangaHigh
This is a math tool that has lots of resources for game-based learning.
10 – MasteryConnect
MasterConnect allows you to track and analyze various elements of your students’ performance.
11 – Mentor Mob
This allows teacher and students to create learning play lists. These are a collection of very high-quality materials that students can use to study and that teachers can use to teach.
12 – Planboard
This is a great little lesson organizer and planner.
13 – Prezi
This allows teachers to build presentations so that they may teach their students more easily. It is an online tool that allows you to save your presentation online.
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14 – QR Codes
QR codes are known as quick response codes and are the newest trend in education.
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15 – Quizlet
This allows a teacher to create learning tools for their classes and for their students.
16 – Teachers Pay Teachers
This tool allows teachers to create learning tools and then sell them on to other teachers. You can even share your lessons if you like. It gives teachers access to a few high quality resources.
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17 – TED-Ed
This is a place where teachers can find inspiration. It also has quite a few videos which are organized by subject. It has materials to help you teach your students a wide variety of subjects.
18 – Timetoast
This allows students or teachers to create timelines. The timelines can be used to plan projects and track the progress of projects.
19 – Wordle
This is good for language classes as it allows you to create word clouds.
20 – YouTube
There are plenty of tutorials and TV shows on YouTube which can be used to teach students things via video.

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TED-ED a new Online Learning Platform

TED, the non-profit organization famous for “Ideas Worth Spreading,”  launched a new online learning platform today as part of its new  TED-Ed education initiative (http://ed.ted.com).
Back in March, TED launched a YouTube Channel channel dedicated to educational videos (http://www.youtube.com/user/TEDEducation).
The new education platform launched today, TED-Ed features a suite of tools that allow teachers to create their own lessons based on TED videos or any video found on YouTube.
Full Text: Library News: TED-ED a new Online Learning Platform.