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Storyboarding for e-learning: Challenges and tips

The storyboard is a representation of content, visual design, interactivity, navigation, narration etc in soft copy form. For examples of storyboards, check out Connie Malamed’s blog. Storyboards are used by the instructional designer (ID) to:

  • Gain agreement with the subject matter expert (SME) on the design approach of the e-learning course
  • Provide instruction to the e-learning developer on how the course is to be authored into a multimedia format

The challenge of storyboarding is the variability of ‘interpretation’ between the SME, ID and e-learning author (refer to the diagram below- the red box represents where the storyboard is developed and interpreted).

Full Text: Storyboard ing for e-learning: Challenges and tips | E-Learning Academy.

My Experience with Creating a Scenario-based Course: Part 3

In Part 1 of this blog series, I shared my experience about the content acquisition and analysis phase for creating a scenario-based course. In Part 2, I shared how I created a storyline and identified the critical steps in it and further started storyboarding and shared the introduction screen with you. When storyboarding for this course, the single most important thing for me was to keep it conversational and follow the actual lingo that the customer care representatives are supposed to follow.
The introduction screen helped us understand that Lisa was a new joinee in the team and she was about to take her first call. In the next screen, we need to show how she starts the call and what the customer issue was. I got this information by listening to the recorded calls and SME interviews.
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