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Our new reality: Social media monitoring in school

Is it our responsibility to monitor social media sites to help protect students from the dangers of bullying, drug use, violence, and suicide?
As principal of Decatur Middle School, it is my goal to make sure that all of our students’ academic needs are met throughout the school year. However, as instances of bullying continue to plague students throughout the country, questions of whether we as principals and administrators should do more to monitor students’ online interactions come to the forefront. Is it our responsibility to monitor social media sites to help protect students from the dangers of bullying, drug use, violence, and suicide?
My colleagues and I continue to strive to strike the proper balance between ensuring students’ safety while maintaining their desired privacy. But with mobile phones more prevalent and social media use on Twitter and Facebook at an all-time high, it’s become increasingly more difficult to monitor effectively.
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Should schools monitor social media use by students?

Just as parents are grappling with how to keep their kids safe on social media, schools are increasingly confronting a controversial question: Should they do more to monitor students online interactions off-campus to protect them from dangers such as bullying, drug use, violence and suicide?
Should schools be monitoring students’ use of social media? Or is this the domain of parents? Does a school’s responsibility end with just teaching about online safety or should it go further? Given the rise of cyber bullying, and many parents inadequate internet skills do schools need to step up and actively get involved? These are touch questions. Here is what one article had to say this week:
This summer, the Glendale school district in suburban Los Angeles captured headlines with its decision to pay a tech firm $40,500 to monitor what middle and high school students post publicly on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.
The school district went with the firm Geo Listening after a pilot program with the company last spring helped a student who was talking on social media about “ending his life,” company CEO Chris Frydrych told CNNs Michael Martinez in September.
“We were able to save a life,” said Richard Sheehan, the Glendale superintendent, adding that two students in the school district had committed suicide the past two years.
“Its just another avenue to open up a dialogue with parents about safety,” he said.
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48 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools

Spanner set

If you want to know what’s happening in the social web you need monitoring tools. Before you get out your credit card and start to spend money try out some of the free social media monitoring services. This way you get a taste of what is available and if you need paid services.
I have collected 48 free social media monitoring tools. In the Group A are the services that I use regularly or seem interesting to check out immediately. The Group B is an alphabetical list of tools for you to play with.
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