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Create, Capture, Upload: New Site For Kids’ Digital Projects


Refrigerators and fireplace mantles might still be covered with children’s projects, but more and more, those projects are finding a home online.
That’s just one of the purposes for the launch of DIY.org, a site that allows kids to upload photos of their projects and share it with their friends, family, and the public.
Here’s how it work: Parents help their children set up a profile that’s linked to the parent’s email, which gives parents access to a dashboard showing everything that’s been posted on the account. To protect kids’ privacy, kids choose an animal character and a nickname (the prompt clearly says “Please don’t use your real name!”) to identify themselves on the site. After that, it’s easy to click on the big upload button, choose a photo, give it a title and create a digital art portfolio. Parents, grandparents, friends or anyone else can then search for their portfolio by nickname and give the project stickers to show support.
Full Text: Create, Capture, Upload: New Site Features Kids’ Digital Projects | MindShift.