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Low-decile e-learning project a world leader

The trust provides cheap computers and internet for children such as Calvin Smith in low-decile schools in Tamaki/Glen Innes. Photo / Sarah Ivey

A world-first “e-learning” project which is transforming children’s lives in some of Auckland’s poorest suburbs is looking for partners to expand throughout the country next year.
Children as young as 5 in nine schools in the Tamaki-Glen Innes area are publishing their work on the internet and attracting feedback from around the world – with extraordinary effects on their motivation.
“It’s so affirming,” says project manager Dorothy Burt.
Two-thirds of the students are from Pasifika families where often the main language at home is not English. Another quarter are Maori.
They start school two years behind the national average but at Pt England School, the first to use the new technology, they now catch up with the average in reading and maths by Year 5.
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New Zealand – on the way to being a world leader?

New Zealand on Globe
One of the major changes in the education world is the rise of the Western Pacific in international studies of student achievement. The education systems that seem to perform well – Shanghai, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, and New Zealand all have shown a willingness to overcome difficulties to improve outcomes. Most of these countries have made significant economic gains as well. Is it the turn of New Zealand to transform the experience of their students for the better?
On the surface, that won’t be easy, especially in Technology. The terrain in New Zealand is beautiful, but it is hardly designed for rapid deployment of technology, particularly internet technology. Yet it looks like that is exactly what New Zealand is going to do- bring the whole country‘s education system into an Ultra Fast Broadband Network for Learning (or, in our acronym-ridden world, UFB N4L). It certainly makes sense – New Zealand is a low population country and such a system would offer a fantastic way to bring teachers, students and families together in learning.
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New Zealand Primary Bans Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones

A New Zealand Primary School has banned students from bringing mobile phones to school after an incident involving a student bring an older siblings phone to school with a sexually explicit South Park clip on it.
Students who were shown the clip were upset enough to report it. The school promptly dealt with the parties involved.
Now students will be asked to turn in their mobiles at the start of the school day and have them returned at going home time.
How are you dealing with this in your schools?
Original article: South Park Video Spark Primary School Cellphone… | Stuff.co.nz.