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Online Learning: More Than Just a MOOC

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As a life-long learner, I have appreciated engaging and interacting with a wide variety of educators in a few Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs). The concept of a MOOC is has been around for a while. In previous blog posts, I have shared the definition of a MOOC and my participation and experience. I have appreciated learning from the #eci831 and #CCK09 MOOC facilitators, such as Alec Couros, George Siemens & Stephen Downes. Even more,  I appreciate the knowledge shared by invited speakers and the connected learning participants who I continue to engage and exchange with beyond the course structure. MOOCs are now on the tip of everyone’s tongue due to recent education technology start-ups who are now designing MOOC-like courses and creating partnerships with many accredited higher education institutions. What’s all the MOOC about if the concept of a MOOC is not a new innovation?
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Business case? Na, open online courses are about learning

Will Massive Open Online Courses replace the conventional system? Probably not, but they can offer something different, says Bonnie Stewart

Forget the business case, open online courses are about learning

Massive Online Open Courses are not the solution to education in the 21st century – but they do offer something new. Photograph: Kim Hong-Ji/REUTERS

Ever since MITx was unveiled last December, futurists have been predicting what it might all mean for higher education. They’re calling it “The Great Disruption”, a brand name worthy of Nostradamus. The Globe and Mail says it’s about time. The Atlantic is envisioning a post-campus America.
For those of us actually enrolled in Massive Open Online Courses, though – or those like me who have enlisted both to teach and learn within these experimental course environments – this great disruption feels more like an augmentation than anything else.
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