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5 Tips For Managing Effective Blended Learning Through An LMS


How often have we heard our clients lament about the main function of the Learning Management Systems (LMSs) – that they are largely concerned with the management of learning rather than the process of learning itself? Very often, if you ask me. However, after having seen a number of LMS implementations across various industries, I am of the opinion that an LMS can be smartly used to deliver effective blended learning that focuses primarily on the process of learning.
In recent years, many organizations have been investing heavily in integrating technology into the learning/teaching process. Nowadays, almost all corporate learners have access to computers and the Internet. The rise in the learning retention rates of the employees by pairing an LMS with classroom training are clearly noticeable. Organizations now expect their trainers to use this new technology with traditional classroom teaching practices to give a blended learning experience to their employees. When used in a structured way, blended learning can allow organizations to mix different teaching materials and tools into an effective, integrated learning experience, giving learners an opportunity to move from passive learning to active learning.
Below mentioned are the 5 tips for managing blended learning effectively through an LMS.
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The University Professional and Continuing Education Association

Seminar on the Management of Online Programs

Is your provost or president looking to you for leadership in managing the shift to online programs designed for the adult market? This new Seminar will focus on the key strategic issues in this rapidly evolving sector of higher education: new and emerging markets, online degree and certificate programs that expand access and meet workforce needs, the use of data analytics, assessing student online learning outcomes, and building for scale.
Who should attend this timely Seminar?

  • Deans and directors of professional and continuing education
  • Leaders of online learning units
  • Online program chairs or managers
  • Marketing and student service managers

Registration will open in early July.
Full Text: The University Professional and Continuing Education Association.

Social Learning Community for Managers of All Industries

WhatDoYouWantFromThem.com is a social learning community for managers of all industries. Anna Smith describes what led her to create the network and how companies can use it to provide training and development for their management recruits.
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