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How iPads can support learning for students with autism

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iPads can help engage and encourage students with autism, special-education teachers say.

Ed-tech advocates are discovering the numerous benefits that mobile devices, including iPads, can have for students. But a growing number of special-education teachers are finding that iPads can have a positive effect on their students with autism in particular.
Students with autism often have trouble communicating and might struggle with transitions, such as changing classes, getting on a school bus, or taking a field trip. A report issued by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) last April indicated that one out of every 88 children is believed to have autism or fall somewhere on the autism spectrum.
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Best Practices for Deploying iPads in Schools

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As schools get ready to deploy iPads this year, each one is scrambling to figure out how to develop an efficient and effective system that works. With no standardized system or uniform roadmap to follow, at the moment, it’s up to individual schools to reach out through their networks to find information about best practices and smooth, streamlined service.
Without professional development and a set plan in place, educators in individual classes might be stumped by how to set up iPads for different uses. But once a system is in place, educators will intuitively be able to move on with the business of guiding student learning.
To that end, here are some ideas about how to put a system in place for iPad use in classrooms:
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12 Characteristics Of An iPad-friendly Classroom

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Implementing iPads isn’t exactly a just-add-water proposition.
While they’re wondrous little devices capable of enchanting learners for hours, to get the learning results you’re likely after will take planning, design, and reflection.
It can help to start out by asking yourself some important questions, such as “What can the iPad do that is not possible without it? Put another way, what problems does the iPad solve?”
But the learning environment you’re starting with can make a big difference as well. It’s one thing to come up with individual lesson plans high on the wiz-bang factor, but low in terms of sustainability.
Below are 4 distinct areas of instruction and instructional design that can help frame the concept of iPad integration. Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment, and Integration.
There is more to the conversation, but rather than overwhelm you (not that you couldn’t handle it), it seemed better to simply start your thinker.
Full Text: 12 Characteristics Of An iPad-friendly Classroom | TeachThought.

How to Roll Out a 1:1 iPad Programme

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A middle school spent one term rolling out iPads.
In this article Jac de Haan describes their week by week approach, and reflects on the successes and challenges involved.
Week 1-2: No computers, just questions such as “Is technology good or bad?”
Week 2: Each child and their guardian/parent had to attend a session outlining the programme and their responsibilities.
Week 3: The basics of operation of the iPads is covered in class.
Week 4-5: IPad handed out for individual class use. Classes geared to iPad use.
Week 6-7: Students get to keep their iPad and take it with them from class to class. More advanced concepts of using the iPads is covered and projects continue to reinforce basic concepts.
Week 8: Students responsible for iPad all day, store them securely, take home at night and show up next day with the iPad fully charged.
Week 9: Students allowed to use their iPad as and when they think fit.
Full Text: How to Roll Out a 1:1 iPad Program | Edutopia.

Move the Turtle: Top Mathematical App for Students

Move the turtle
Move the Turtle Programming for kids by Next is Great is based on the mathematical idea of Logo to give students the opportunity to be introduced to basic programming or coding skills. Through a few simple step by step commands your “turtle cursor” will be able to draw geometric shapes and patterns, while also reinforcing angles…. A TOP PICK for Fun Educational Apps!
Are you a computer geek that loves programming or are you a classroom teacher instructing on such skills as angles, measurement and two dimensional geometry? If you answered yes to either these, then you have come to the right educational app review. We are no stranger to educational app developers, Next is Great and we are pleased to add to our collection of reviews their latest addition, Move the Turtle. Regardless of which mathematical program your school district is using, we are quite certain that it is a program that builds understanding over a period of time. This understanding comes as informal and formal exposure while also integrating direction instruction. Move the Turtle is a mathematical app for students in their early to late elementary years. Recently it was featured in the App Store in the New and Noteworthy for Education. It is compatible for all Apple devices running iOS 4.2 or later. As your child(ren) works alongside an adult or independently with a ruler, various directions and a pencil, they will soon become a coding guru.
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High school to have every student using iPads

A student at Orange Lutheran holds an iPad. Next year, every student at the campus will receive iPads as part of a new program.
A student at Orange Lutheran holds an iPad. Next year, every student at the campus will receive iPads as part of a new program.

A Californian High School will provide iPads to all 1,200 students next fall, one of a handful of schools in Orange County incorporating the popular tablet into the daily curriculum.
Students will use their iPads during classroom lessons, for homework assignments and to study. The devices will access the Internet through the campus wireless network.
Principal Leslie Smith said the goal of the program is to provide all students and teachers the opportunity to take learning beyond the classroom, increase productivity and organization and creativity.
Full Text: Orange Lutheran to launch iPad curriculum | orange, school, students – News – The Orange County Register.

Scotland to expand the use of tablets in schools

Pupils in some Scottish schools already use tablet computers
Pupils in some Scottish schools already use tablet computers

The use of mobile devices and tablet computers in Scottish classrooms could be expanded in a bid to modernise teaching and learning.
Pupils in some schools are already using iPads and Android technology.
Government agency, Education Scotland, is to consider how digital devices could be used on a wider scale.
Full Text: BBC News – Education Scotland looks to expand use of tablets computers in schools.


10 Ways to Optimize Your iPad for Kids With Special Needs

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When we think about ways the iPad has changed the world, our minds usually shoot to publishing, entertainment, or mobile communication.
For the community of people living with disabilities, the iPad may have broken even more ground. The iOS device is not only cool, but provides education, therapy and, of course, entertainment.
Last summer, Mashable explored ways iPads are making these changes. Now we’re following up with Sami Rahman, the father of 4-year-old Noah and co-founder of BridgingApps, the Internet’s largest database of special needs app and reviews.
Noah began using his iPad when he was two and was assessed to be 12 months behind with language and cognition. Within four months, he was on par for his age. Now, two years since he began using the iPad, he is 15 months ahead developmentally, can read English and Arabic, and is learning Mandarin.
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Rahman recently released his book Getting Started: iPads for Special Needs. Rahman shared some of his insights for preparing an iPad for people with disabilities. Most of the tricks are tailored for parents or educators working with children.
Full Text: 10 Ways to Optimize Your iPad for Kids With Special Needs.


Should Kindergarteners Use iPads?

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Much like with toy cellphones, kitchenware and hardware tools, children under a certain age once played with toy computers to simulate the experience of working on the real thing. But in recent years, children as young as 2 and 3 years old have eclipsed the step of starting out with a toy version of a piece of technology and are now playing on iPads and other devices before they start kindergarten.
And with the rising fad of mobile devices, public schools are left to decide if the use of devices like iPads should be integrated into class curriculums. While some education officials praise the newer strategy for aiding learning, others claim devices like iPads have no place in the classroom.
Full Text: Should Kindergarteners Use iPads in the Classroom?.