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PowerPoint: Create an Infographic

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If you need to create an Infographic, there are better programs than PowerPoint that you could use. Photoshop would be a good choice, or maybe Fireworks. That being said, PowerPoint is likely on your office computer right now. Additionally, PowerPoint is often underutilized as a design platform and is surprisingly agile.
One reason PowerPoint isn’t the first program people think of for Infographics is that infographics are traditionally not the same size as a PowerPoint slide. To convey a hearty amount of information you’ll generally want it to be much longer. You can actually change the slide size pretty easily from within PowerPoint by choosing Design > Page Setup > Page Setup. From there you can adjust the width and height of the slide on the Page Setup dialog box. The issue with this is that it can be difficult to work within PowerPoint on that long of a canvas. Additionally, the proportions of any shapes you insert will automatically change if you change the slide size. If your infographic isn’t super big and if you know the size ahead of time and don’t change it, however, this might not be a bad option for you. Otherwise, if you’re willing to perform one extra step, there’s still no reason why you cant use PowerPoint. The following technique is similar to printing out slides on different pieces of paper and taping them together, but digitally instead.
First you’ll need to design your infographic. Think of it like any other presentation, but with a couple caveats, which I explain below.
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Do you really need a degree to get on?

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The big trend these days is online learning, online collaboration, and, well, online everything. In fact, self-learning has become an incredibly powerful force thanks to online technology. Udemy has just publsihed a fabulous infographic that considers self-learning the new master’s degree.
It all starts with money. More and more students are doubting the worth of their investment and the access to online learning tools (Twitter, online schools, etc) is proving to be a great way for anyone to brush up on, or learn about, any skills they desire.
[Great infographic on the site]
Full Text: How Self-Learning Is Becoming The New Master’s Degree | Edudemic.

Edutech for Teachers starts Infographic of the Week


I’m not sure how you could help but notice that infographics are everywhere these days. In fact, newspapers, magazines and the web is full of them. Lately I’ve seen so many of these cool images that it prompted me to begin a new weekly series of posts: Infographic of the Week. Why? Because there are tons of infographics that can be utilized in all classrooms across the K-12 curriculum.
[nice example of Zoom.it]
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What do High School students want from mobile tech? [Infographic]

Based on statistics provided by PEW research, Nielsen, the National School Board Association and others, ASCD’s infographic explores the connections between today’s students, mobile learning and learning methods.

  • 63 percent of students want online textbooks with communication facilities;
  • 40 percent want online texts with collaboration tools.
  • 43 percent stated social media is one of the main ways they communicate with friends online.
  • 62 percent  of student use the Internet as a new source; whereas 17 percent use it to gain knowledge concerning topics generally difficult to talk about — such as drug use.


via What do High School students want from mobile tech? [Infographic] | ZDNet.

Technology: How Can Infographics Produce Better E-Learning Courses?

This infographic of bears is making me thirsty

Infographics are the hot! They catch your attention because they look great and have strong visual hooks.
I like them because they remind me a little of I Spy where you get to explore a busy graphic and search for interesting nuggets of information. Of course, not everyone’s a big fan of infographics.
There are many parallels between infographics and elearning. They both share information in a visual medium. Those who design infographics start with lots of information and distill them to a few essential points. That’s very similar to what we do when our subject matter expert hands us a 300-slide PowerPoint file to be converted to an elearning course.
For the person who desires to learn more about visual design and processing lots of information, infographics are a great source of inspiration. Let’s look at what makes them so effective.
[Some great links here as well as examples]
via Technology: How Can Infographics Produce Better E-Learning Courses?.

How Higher Education Uses Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

Via Mashable
Schools are on a short list of organizations that have been notoriously slow to adopt emerging tech. But within the last few years, as social media becomes more integral to students’ lives, educational institutions are finally catching on, and catching up. When it comes to higher ed, there are not only opportunities for digital learning, but digital marketing too. Some schools have taken the reigns on both sides, with mixed results. SEE ALSO: 5 Free Homework Management Tools for the Digital Student The infographic below takes a look at how schools have fared with social media over the last few years — what platforms are best, where they’ve succeeded, and the challenges that lay ahead. Does your alma mater use social media effectively in the classroom and in the recruitment office? Share your social ed story in the comments. Infographic by onlineuniversities.com . Image courtesy of iStockphoto , YinYang More About: college , education , infographics , Social Media For more Social Media coverage: Follow Mashable Social Media on Twitter Become a Fan on Facebook Subscribe to the Social Media channel Download our free apps for Android , Mac , iPhone and iPad
How Higher Education Uses Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]