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Girls and Games: What’s the Attraction?

Girl Gamers *

Games are increasingly recognized by educators as a way to get kids excited about learning. While the stereotype of a “gamer” may evoke the image of a high school boy holed up in a dark room playing on a console, in reality 62 percent of gamers play with other people either in person or online, and 47 percent of all gamers are girls.
Game developers and academics who have been studying the elements that go into making games more attractive to girls found that those very same qualities are also important components of learning. For instance, girls are more drawn to games that require problem solving in context, that are collaborative (played through social media) and that produce what’s perceived to be a social good. They also like games that simulate the real word and are particularly drawn to “transmedia” content that draws on characters from books, movies, or toys.
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Middle School Girls Want Access to E-Learning


For years now, advocates of online learning have been pushing virtual education as an answer for students who want a more personalized, self-paced, and technology-based approach to their education.
In other words, as a solution for middle school girls.
That’s perhaps the most surprising finding of a new report released today by nonprofit educational research group Project Tomorrow here at ISTE 2012 in San Diego, the 11th such report to be released as part of the yearly Speak Up survey that asks students, parents, teachers, and administrators about their ed-tech habits, aspirations, and attitudes.
And for middle school girls, those attitudes are decidedly in favor of a learning experience that gives them more control and flexibility, said Project Tomorrow chief executive officer Julie Evans.
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