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How Do You Define Community?

I’ve been thinking lately about community. Thinking about eLearning community, about the Captivate community, sure… but also about all sorts of communities. Do I really know what community is? Could I poke it with a stick if I saw it?
I’m originally from Wyoming. I mean that I was born in Wyoming. For those of you in the broader world, Wyoming is a rural state in the US known for its deep roots in the American West. With nostalgic links to cowboys and independence, Wyoming is among the most sparsely populated places in the United States. While my years in Wyoming were short and early, I remember those years fondly and they are filled with memories most often including family and close friends.
When I think of my uncles and my father running high into the sage brush to pee out a fire from a rogue rocket on the fourth of July, is that community? When I think of neighbours and friends gathering at the corner market and talking for far too long while mud-smeared companions run circles around plastic flying elephants, is that community?
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Social Learning Community for Managers of All Industries

WhatDoYouWantFromThem.com is a social learning community for managers of all industries. Anna Smith describes what led her to create the network and how companies can use it to provide training and development for their management recruits.
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