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Unis to face high degree of change in mobile era

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GOOGLE’S chief technology advocate Michael Jones has a vision for global education in which the world’s best professors will be movie stars.
They will sell the best online courses that money and whiz-bangery can buy to universities which will charge students to be examined on their rebranded version of it.
Mr Jones says ”a mobile phone could become a university” because the point where students and educators meet is moving online. So the multibillion-dollar campus expansions under way at Australian universities might turn out to be short sighted.
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Why Change is [very] Good for Education

Oil and water

What do you think about change and education? ‘Change’ and ‘education’ spoken in the same sentence has been compared to mixing oil and water. But is education more resistant to change than any other institution, corporation, government bureau, etc? I don’t think so. Yet I’m sure you’ll agree that change is hard, not natural, yet being adaptable, fluid and open to new ideas leads to good things… creative, crazy, innovative and even life change things.
I was inspired this week, I read about several educators that don’t appear afraid of change, in fact embraced change that has led to well…pretty incredible things. Though there are many, I’ll share just the few.
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