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New Free Social Network Encourages Reading

BiblioNasium – Kids Share Book Recommendations. Use Online Reading Logs, Find Books At Their Reading Level.

As a parent to two young readers, BiblioNasium founder Marjan Ghara was spending a great deal of time trying to make sure her kids were reading good books, developing good reading habits, and learning to love books. With her co-founders, Nader and Leyli, she came up with the idea for BiblioNasium out of personal need.  Forever trying to find the next great book to read, they turned to friends and their teachers for recommendations. As enthusiastic suggestions poured in, Marjan and her kids realized they needed a digital solution to organize the information, keep track of their own favorite books and connect a new generation of digital kids.
Watch the video below for an overview of the service

Visit the site: BiblioNasium.