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The Pearson Foundation’s Second Annual Survey on Students and Tablets seeks to
understand the ways that college students and high school seniors are using mobile
technology, and their perceptions about the latest mobile devices available to them.
The first annual survey was conducted in March 2011. This year’s survey reveals
dramatic changes in tablet ownership, usage, and attitudes.

Summary of Findings
This summary highlights the major conclusions from a nationally representative online
poll of 1,206 college students and 204 college-bound high school seniors in the United
States. The survey was conducted online by Harris Interactive on behalf of the Pearson Foundation between January 9 and January 27, 2012.
The major conclusions are as follows:
1. Tablet ownership among college students and college-bound high school seniors has more than tripled from a year ago. Further, a large number of students plan to purchase a tablet within the next six months.
2. College students and high school seniors believe that tablets are just as valuable for educational purposes as they are for personal entertainment.
3. Students agree that tablets will transform the way college students learn in the future.
4. More students are reading digital books, and a majority of college students now prefer to read digital books rather than print.


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