Reminder: CORE Education Breakfast-Invercargill-Social Media for educators

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Coming CORE Breakfast seminar… Social Media for educators Presenter: DK
Invercargill • 29 March
Includes masterclass workshop Register online… About this seminar and workshop What’s all this social media nonsense? Using cross-sector examples of social media in action, DK will illustrate how organisations are utilising social media to humanise their brand. He will also explore how others are leveraging the power of social principles to achieve wider learning opportunities including the ability to connect with experts across the world. What is the value of this to educators? DK will demonstrate that, while Twitter and Facebook are two examples of social media, there are many more platforms to utilise, to adapt and adopt. He will also show what’s really changed for young people, outline the opportunities for educators and clarify how this challenges the traditional model of education. This CORE breakfast seminar will: give an overview of the shifting media landscapeenlighten you as to what social media isexplore the use of social media through a range of cross-sector examplesgive guidance about how NOT to use social mediashare why “playing is learning by stealth”make you smile / think.

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