Re-Centering Teaching: 20+ Techniques For Promoting Active Learning Friday, January 27 ~ 1:00-2:30pm EST online webinar

Host: Innovative Educators
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The recording is included and is accessible for one full year.
Connecting teaching strategies to learning outcomes is a challenge that higher education faculty face on a daily basis. Ever wonder how and when to use particular teaching techniques or feel the need to revitalize your course/session designs? In this session participants explore active learning/teaching techniques, examining their advantages and sharing ideas for how to implement them to enhance student learning. By the end of the session, participants will have co- imagined strategies for redesigning the way they teach at least one challenging concept or topic in their courses and will have expanded their repertoire of strategies to promote students’
active engagement in learning.
By the end of the workshop session participants will have:
*Articulated their interest in the session and identified at least one challenging concept or topic they teach *Sorted instructional techniques into key categories *Considered at least 4-5 different instructional techniques in depth *Discussed how and when to most effectively utilize each technique to promote active engagement in learning *Identified selected techniques to address their articulated challenge that they might use to facilitate learning.
Dr. Bonnie B. Mullinix is Co-President of Jacaranda Educational Development and currently Curriculum Coordinator at Greenville Technical College working with ten teams of faculty on a five-year federally funded initiative to redesign all Developmental Studies Curricula. She is also Senior Consultant for Faculty and Educational Development with the Teaching, Learning and Technology Group (TLT Group). With nearly 30 years experience as an educator in domestic and international settings, her last decade has been focused on supporting faculty and educational development in Higher Education. She has served as founding director and/or designer for two Centers for Teaching and Learning, consultant to multiple colleges and universities, drawing from her experience as faculty teaching in undergraduate, liberal arts, research and professional graduate settings. Author of over 50 publications, Dr. Mullinix has facilitated workshops and presented nearly 55 sessions at professional conferences and currently serves in official leadership capacities in the Professional and Organizational Development (POD) Network and the American Educational Research Association (AERA).
Dr. Bonnie Mullinix holds a Doctorate and Masters in Education from the Center for International Education, University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a focus on Adult and International Education and her Bachelors from University of California, Santa Cruz in an individualized major in Transdisciplinary Studies. In addition, Dr. Mullinix maintains a deep interest in international development efforts and in the past 25 years has spent 9 years resident in 3 countries in Africa and has consulted and worked with organizations for a total of 12 years of international development efforts.
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