Putting Kids on a "Screen Time Diet"

Child in front of TV *

Dr. Ari Brown is a paediatrician in Austin, Texas, and was the lead author of a recent American Academy of Paediatrics AAP study on the effects of media on children. She says that if we want kids to be emotionally intelligent, we have to put them on a screen time diet.
Interviewed on NPRs New Tech City in November, Dr. Brown spoke about the findings of the study, which found that kids spending too much time in front of screens, even for interactive media, were more likely to suffer from obesity, aggression, and deficiencies in socialization. Her words are a wake up call to all of us looking to technology as a magic elixir for reaching children. Her data suggest that the screen time diet should be administered after two hours of total screen time in any one day.
via Putting Kids on a “Screen Time Diet” | Edutopia.

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