Pros and Cons of Online Education

Online degrees have become a popular option for many people who are looking to further their education. Obtaining an education online can be beneficial for many different situations. However, as with any education option, there are pros and cons of online education. By properly educating yourself about the advantages and disadvantages of obtaining an online degree, you will be able to decide whether an online education is the right choice for you.



The biggest disadvantage of obtaining an online degree is the connotation that is still attached to online education by many. Some employers (especially those from older generations) do not completely understand online education or online degrees. To them, the only way to get a “real” education is by attending an actual four year high school or college. They may think that an online degree is just something that “you can print off the internet.” However, the problem can normally be avoided by following two simple steps. First, it is imperative that you choose an online education program which is accredited. If you fail to obtained an accredited online degree, then you are basically just wasting your time and money. By sticking to an accredited program, your current or potential employer will be able to look into the program of study that you followed and see that you obtained the proper educational requirements. The second easy step is being prepared to discuss and explain what an online education and online degree really are. By being well informed, you will have no problem explaining why you are just as qualified as someone who attended an actual educational institution.

Although the disadvantages of online education are very few, there are some significant advantages to obtaining a degree on the internet. The first and foremost of these is freedom. An online degree gives you much more freedom than a traditional course of study. Online degrees can be obtained on your time, not someone else’s. With online education, you set your learning schedule. If you hate waking up in the morning, you never have to worry about being stuck in a class that starts at seven in the morning. Online education has gained so much popularity because of this fact. Individuals who, because of obligations such as work or school, are unable to follow a traditional course of study now have an opportunity to pursue the education or degree that they have always wanted. The freedom provided by online education is something that no one can put a price tag on.

Although the freedom provided by online education is the biggest advantage, it is not the only advantage online education has to offer. Life Experience Degrees provides many specialty areas of study that may not be offered by traditional educational institutions. Previously, people who were interested in these degrees were basically out of luck, but with the rise of online degree programs, people can obtain their dream degrees, even if they are very specific or rare degrees. Instead of moving across the country to one of the few schools which offers the degree you are interested in, you can do all of your learning and studying from the comfort of your home or a coffee shop.

The other major advantage presented by online education is its cost-effectiveness. With the rising prices of public and private universities, the more reasonable prices offered by online degree programs are very attractive prospects for many. Online degree programs are able to keep their costs low due to the fact that they don’t have to worry about many of the problems that traditional institutions face.


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