PowerPoint: Create an Infographic

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If you need to create an Infographic, there are better programs than PowerPoint that you could use. Photoshop would be a good choice, or maybe Fireworks. That being said, PowerPoint is likely on your office computer right now. Additionally, PowerPoint is often underutilized as a design platform and is surprisingly agile.
One reason PowerPoint isn’t the first program people think of for Infographics is that infographics are traditionally not the same size as a PowerPoint slide. To convey a hearty amount of information you’ll generally want it to be much longer. You can actually change the slide size pretty easily from within PowerPoint by choosing Design > Page Setup > Page Setup. From there you can adjust the width and height of the slide on the Page Setup dialog box. The issue with this is that it can be difficult to work within PowerPoint on that long of a canvas. Additionally, the proportions of any shapes you insert will automatically change if you change the slide size. If your infographic isn’t super big and if you know the size ahead of time and don’t change it, however, this might not be a bad option for you. Otherwise, if you’re willing to perform one extra step, there’s still no reason why you cant use PowerPoint. The following technique is similar to printing out slides on different pieces of paper and taping them together, but digitally instead.
First you’ll need to design your infographic. Think of it like any other presentation, but with a couple caveats, which I explain below.
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