Pinterest in Education


It seems like everywhere you look, people are talking about a website called Pinterest. Pinterest items are appearing in your Facebook news feed. The Pinterest “P” icon is showing up on more and more websites you visit. Perhaps you have even received an invitation or two from friends asking you to join Pinterest. At social gatherings you may hear friends talking about this latest craze, with the first question being, “What IS Pinterest?” Pinterest is essentially a virtual bulletin board. It is a visual representation of things you have found online and would like to bookmark. And, just like the bookmarking feature in your browser, you can categorize your Pinterest bookmarks by creating custom “boards” or using Pinterest’s preset categories.

While many people find Pinterest to be no more than the latest time-wasting phenomenon, many others have found ways to make Pinterest a valuable resource, educators included. An eye-catching “infographic” at recently detailed some of the various ways educators use Pinterest as a supportive educational tool. If you are a Pinterest user and work in the education field, perhaps you will find some of the ideas below useful.
Full article: eLearning Resource: Pinterest in Education « Gatlin International.

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