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My Experience with Creating a Scenario-based Course: Part 1 …

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Last week, in a conversation with a Captivate Customer Care Team Manager, I learned that she had some training requirement for the new joinees in the team. We were generally discussing how to train the new employees quickly and effectively. The task was to train them, in a manner that they are well equipped to resolve the customer issues and delight the customers with efficient service. It’s a very important job and they have to do it right each time they pick up the phone and talk to the customer.After a long discussion, we reached to a conclusion that providing them a simulated learning experience would make sense. So the first ideathat came to the table was to let them listen to the previous customer interactions and learn from them. But then, there was an important element missing from it. They were not in a situation where they had to decide what to do next and how to deal with the problem. And till they are not facing the situation themselves, they would not experience it in its entirety, which could result in half-baked learning, which was not of much help. So the question was how to give them a simulated experience of taking customer calls? And the answer was simple! Create a scenario-based course and let the learner face the situation, deal with the problem by learning from his/her right and wrong moves and face the consequences for their actions.

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