How to Clean up your WordPress Install

I’m doing some housekeeping on the site at the moment. You know the sort of thing, get rid of unused tags, removed auto-saved edits etc. It was getting tedious so I had a look to see if there was a plugin to do the job. WP CleanFix came to the rescue. I cleaned up what I was looking for and more, all in a few clicks. And it works with the latest version of WordPress. Excellent. Thanks to the author gfazioli.
Here’s what the WP Plugin Directory says about it:
WP CleanFix is a management tool for for check, repair, fix and optimize your WordPress blog. The Ajax interface allow to manage all status in one only page! Remember: This software is free. You don’t need to donate money to support it. Just talk about it.

  • CleanFix Tools
  • Extends HTML Editor: fontname, size, color, extra tags
  • Remove Frontend admin bar
  • Database Tables optimization
  • Check/Remove for unused UserMeta
  • Check/Remove for Post Revision and Trash
  • Check/Remove Auto Draft Posts
  • Check/Remove Edit Post Lock
  • Check/Remove for unused Post Meta
  • Check/Remove for unused Tags
  • Check/Remove/Relink for Posts without Authors
  • Check/Remove/Relink for Pages without Authors
  • Check/Remove for Attachments without Post/Page
  • Check/Remove for unused Categories
  • Check/Remove for unlink Categories (terms)
  • Check/Remove for unlink Categories Taxonomy
  • Check/Remove for unapproved and Trash comments
  • Check/Remove for spam comments
  • Find & Replace on Posts Content
  • Find & Replace on Comments Content
  • WordPress MU compatibility
  • English, French, German, Turkish, Hungarian and Italian Localization

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