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High School Brings Learning into the 21st Century

South Tahoe High School

“If our children are to excel in a fast-changing, global society, we must harness the technology resources they need to function in a digital age. We must remember our commitment to their future as we set priorities and establish policies on their behalf.” -NEA President Dennis Van Roekel

The world around us is changing on a day to day basis. The leisure language of today’s youth is digital. How we work, play, learn and interact is now guided by technology and the internet. Our students not only demand technology, but their interest level and consequent skills mean that they can and want to use it. Our nation’s classrooms, however, are woefully behind in the digital age and while our students utilize technology outside the classroom to inform their social interactions and to create their own informal learning experiences, their classroom experiences more often than not have more to do with the 20th century than their own.
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