Helping Students Make Better Movies

Making Better Movies

I’m gearing up for a film festival at the end of the month that celebrates the incredible talents and vision of the students in my community. The films are created by students in what is often an in-depth process. Starting with nothing more than an idea, students write story boards, scripts, choose film techniques, act, record, edit, process and polish until they have a video that depicts nothing less than the vision they started with. I’ve had many teachers ask how to help students make great films, so below is a series of activities that may help you during the process.
Of course, the basis for a great film is a great story. I won’t be covering how to write good stories in this post, but in the future I will share some resources that I have found useful. For now, the focus is on the film technique and technical side of making a great movie.
[Gives useful examples on YouTube]
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