Has the time come to stop using the term 21st Century Learning?

21C Tomb Stone

It has been the passionate rallying call for change in education for more than a decade and has challenged many of us to rethink the context and culture of learning in this century as significantly different from the previous one.
Now that we are more than 10% into it, our use of 21st Century in terms of learning, education, schools, pedagogy now needs to cease. We can’t keep using it forever. One eighth of the 21st Century is behind us, it is time to move on.
Over the past 12 months I have been resisting using the term when I speak or write, yet succumbing from time to time as it succinctly describes what we are talking about.
Full Text: I think the time has come to stop using the term 21st Century [education context] & become authentic #RIP21stC « Anne Knock: Learning everywhere today.

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