Free course on mLearning with international speakers


Sign-up for the free course on #mLearning #MobiMOOC with speakers from around the world
If you are interested in mobile learning (mLearning) in a variety of aspects, feel free to join MobiMOOC2012. MobiMOOC2012 is a free, open and online course that will focus on the subject learning with mobile devices in a wide variety of fields.
The course will show examples from around the world with facilitators and speakers from different continents. The registration is simple: just sign up for the MobiMOOC Google group and you will be informed of any new developments, announcements…
Details of the course:
Date: 8 – 30 September 2012
Cost:  free
Location of the course: online, the course uses many social spaces, but there are 2 core spaces  the course wiki and the MobiMOOC Google group.
How to register for the course: request membership for the MobiMOOC2012 group here.
There are 4 fixed topics: mLearning introduction, setting up a mLearning curriculum, planning a mLearning project, impact of learning with mobile devices worldwide.
And YOU get to choose the other 6 topics, by selecting your preference on this online poll 

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