Five eLearning Trends to Watch in 2012

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“It doesn’t take much to figure out learning and training functions are changing and so is the workforce. By 2013, more than 40% of our workforce will be made of Millennials—those who were born after 1981. The rest will be made of Baby Boomers and Gen Xers.
Why does this matter to you?
Your organization is undoubtedly experiencing the same pains felt globally by many — keeping up with employee retention. In fact, according to Brandon Hall research, while younger workers are generally more tech-savvy, they also tend to stay, on average, at a job for only 4.1 years compared to Baby Boomers who stay at jobs for twice as long. So how do you efficiently and cost effectively train and motivate your employees of all ages?
Trends today point toward eLearning and effective onboarding initiatives. The following trends will prepare your workforce and its future needs.”

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