Facebook Transitions High School Students into University

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Over the last 8 years, Facebook has played a pivotal role in higher ed. While it’s beginning was just with current college students, Facebook now plays an influential role in a student’s transition from their high-school network and into their new college community.
In a recent sample of 163 colleges we found 50% of them are using a Class of 2016 community to allow students to meet one another, ask questions, and discuss life before they step foot on campus.
While this is a best practice for universities looking to build community and improve yield, rarely do we hear exactly what students are talking about, which conversations are most engaging, and how the medium affects the message.
In order to shed light on these qualitative aspects, we analyzed a dozen Facebook Pages and Groups for the incoming Class of 2016 at private universities in the U.S.
Full Text: New Class of 2016 Facebook Page and Group Analysis | .eduGuru.

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