EasyScript Note Taking Online Course

Back in August last year we announced that we would be working with EasyScript to provide eLearning options for their paper based courses and books.
We are happy to report that the first online course has now been finished and is available to learners.

EasyScript is a grammar-based system that eliminates the need to memorize meaningless shorthand symbols because it uses your knowledge of prefixes and suffixes.
It is:

  • quick to learn: it takes less than a day and uses knowledge you already have
  • easy to master: it’s based on English Grammar and a small set of rules so anyone can learn it and no more endless memorizing of shorthand symbols!
  • proven to work: more than 30,000 people all over the globe use the system and the customer base is consistently growing
  • ready to use right away: no tests, no further study; once you’ve learnt it you’re ready to go.

The online course provides:

  • At your own pace learning – go as fast or a slow as you want
  • Any where Any time learning – this class runs even at 2 in the morning
  • Computer marked exercises – get instant feedback on how you are doing
  • Different types of activities so you don’t get bored – don’t like one activity, do one of the others
  • Structured to match the EasyScript Express Book, lesson by lesson
  • A community of other people learning EasyScript – share your experiences with others learning EasyScript
  • An online tutor to answer your questions and provide help and support.
  • A printable certificate to show your accomplishment and add to your portfolio.

To launch the course we are offering a special price of US$15 (+GST for NZ residents).
To enrol in the online course go to courses.theelearningsite.com

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