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Dimdim 6 has arrived

A new version of Dimdim (version 6) has arrived. What improvements are in store?

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According to the email that just dropped into my inbox we can expect:

  • Video which is bigger and improved (not sure what they mean by improved)
  • Hosts can broadcast their video to everyone in the room
  • Premium users get a 4-way video chat and a new full screen mode. This should certainly improve the experience and will make people consider the premium version quite seriously.
  • Another two new premium features are polls and what DimDim is calling mashups. Mashups apparently replace web page sharing, letting you get right to the content you want to share – videos from YouTube, albums from Picasa or any other embeddable object. 
  • There’s a new file library letting you store up to 2GB of resources (20MB for free accounts), including PowerPoint, PDF, and now Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • And now you can even share a link to any document before, during or after your event.
  • With desktop sharing, DimDim have made performance improvements to myScreen. Premium customers also now get application and region sharing (and can lock their sessions) providing much more flexibility and control.

DimDim have passed 6 million users and are making all these new features available to everyone for the month of September.

I’ve used DimDim in the past and it’s interesting to see the improvements they are making.

Their pricing is very competitive and they have a free version for 10 persons. One month trials are available on all versions.


Do you use DimDim? How do you find it?

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