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Crowdfunding for your EduProjects

Jaime Wood and Kevilina Burbank, both veteran teachers from Portland, Oregon, have created a crowdfunding platform specifically for educators. IncitED launched in April as an online space to help teachers raise funds to put their good ideas to work.
“We know a lot of passionate educators with great ideas, but they keep running into the roadblock of money,” says Wood. She and Burbank were talking about that challenge one day when out for a walk. They were familiar with Kickstarter Kickstarter (2) the wildly successful platform for crowdfunding creative projects. “And we just thought, why not a Kickstarter for education?”
Why not just use Kickstarter? After all, the platform has raised more than $600 million since its launch in 2009. Some educators have run successful Kickstarter campaigns. Emily Pilloton, for instance, raised more than $16,000 on Kickstarter to help her students design and build their own classroom out of shipping containers at Realm Charter School (3) in Oakland, California.
But Kickstarter is selective about the projects it accepts. Wood and Burbank worry that some worthy education projects would be turned down by Kickstarter.
Then there’s DonorsChoose (4). It has a teacher focus, “but it’s strictly for public education,” Wood says. “We wanted to think broader and feature ideas that are outsi
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