Creating Device Neutral Assignments for BYOD Classes

Children using iPads
One expert argues that educators don’t have to alter lessons for each device in a BYOD environment.
The name of Ron Milliner’s FETC 2013 session on device-neutral assignments (“DNA for BYOD”) faintly resembles that of a new-age workout plan. Though the director of the Kentucky Academy of Technology Education (KATE) won’t be divulging the secret to attaining perfectly toned biceps, he will be giving teachers insights into how to sculpt successful lesson plans for schools implementing bring your own device programs. And, as with any good exercise regimen, Milliner emphasizes starting with the basics.
“We [at KATE] try to do training [for teachers] to take the lessons they already have prepared and show them how to turn them into lessons we call ‘DNA’–device neutral assignments,” Milliner says.
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