CORE Education eFellowship Awards 2013

Pushing the boundaries of educational possibility

The CORE Education eFellowship Awards recognise innovative elearning practice by New Zealand teachers. The Fellowship celebrates teaching excellence in an elearning context and aims to raise public and educational community awareness of the benefits of eLearning. Once inducted into the Fellowship, Fellows will provide ongoing, community-focused leadership in the field. In any one year up to 6 new Fellows may be selected for the CORE Education eFellowship Induction Programme.
In 2013 there will be up to 6 awards.

  • The Fellowship is open to all educators from early childhood centres, primary and secondary schools (includes state and private sectors); and those teaching children in other organisations such as libraries, conservation organisations etc.
  • To be awarded an eFellowship, educators must have a strong existing reputation for innovative practice or leadership in elearning and a desire to share their e-learning approaches, practices and enquiries with the wider teaching community.
  • During this Fellowship year Fellows are expected to carry out an e-learning teacher enquiry which will be presented to the wider teaching community. This enquiry will reflect the Fellow’s passion for e-teaching and learning.
  • Applications for the CORE eFellowship Award to be completed here.
  • Applicants must complete ALL sections of the online application form and ensure that TWO online supporting statements are received by CORE Education by the closing date.
  • Please ensure you read ALL sections of the online application form carefully.

Apply here: CORE Education eFellowship Awards 2013 | CORE Education.

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