Cell phone use in schools on the rise: Several districts in Genesee County allow students to text, call in between classes, during lunch

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Cellphone-toting students are now texting, talking and surfing the Internet in some local schools, as some districts loosen restrictions on electronic devices.Some educators say they’re embracing the learning potential of smart phones and other devices. Others say they’re just bowing to the inevitable.

A new cellphone policy in the Flushing School District allows high school students to use their phones in between classes until the bell rings to start each period. Previously, Flushing students could use the phone only at lunchtime during the school day.

“For me not allowing cell phones was like locking me out of the library,” said Flushing High School Principal Jason Melynchek. “Why would we stop them from looking up something, having access to information? This is what our technology is providing us.”

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