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School Field Trip
School Field Trip

Want an easy way to keep in contact with a group on a field trip, or parents to remind them of netball practice tonight, or tell School Board that tonight’s meeting has moved as there’s been a flood in the meeting room?
Well Cel.ly might be just what you’re looking for.
Celly is a platform of tools that enhances school communication.

  • Create cells, instant mobile networks that connect your school
  • Members can join a cell by texting or logging in to the web
Here’s some examples:

Study Groups

Girls Texting

Celly instantly transforms a classroom into a private communication network where teachers and students can stay connected inside and outside the classroom. Teachers and students can create any number of study group cells to communicate about

  • projects
  • schedules
  • study topics
  • lab experiments
  • test review

For example, teachers can instigate discussion topics, post links to relevant information, and offer suggestions. Classmates can stay connected beyond school hours to coordinate activities and collaborate on homework. Cells provide a persistent activity stream that can be searched as a reference. Phone numbers are kept private and are never exchanged between users so teachers and students can communicate safely without privacy issues. To make sure comments remain on-topic and avoid redundancy, teachers can optionally “curate” messages. When a message comes in, the teacher can first filter the message and approve it before it is broadcast to all members of the cell.

Clickers & Polling

To help classroom assessement, Celly can be used as a multiple-choice polling or clicker application from the web or via text messaging. Teachers can post questions and receive instantaneous responses. Questions and polls can be sent from the Celly website and student answers can be displayed using the web interface.

  • Conduct a 5 minute quiz each morning to get a general assessment of where the class stands on a homework assignment or an upcoming quiz
  • Works well with multiple choice test prep for science and math classes
  • Conduct school-wide polls to get the opinion of all students and staff members

There’s a dedicated poll view that graphs the current results and shows the percentage of cell members who have voted. Polls are updated in realtime so you can watch them live.

See more at http://cel.ly/school

Any one using Celly. What do you think?

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