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Backup the Hard Way or the Easy Way

Even when doing an online course it is still essential to backup your work. The excuse of “The dog ate my assignment” or perhaps more likely “My hard disk failed” doesn’t really cut the mustard with teachers anymore. Or even worse, you are the teacher and you’ve lost your copy of the assignment outline which was on you home computer that just got fried.

To save embarrassment then, you need to have your files backed up, all your files.

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6 Useful iPhone Apps for Postgraduate Students

It’s not just a phone today; for some people, it’s a way of life. The iPhone from Apple has not just revolutionized the way we communicate but also the way we access and use information and knowledge.

For the graduate student who has crossed one stage of college life and is now in a more serious phase, the iPhone is more of a management and study tool than a source of fun and entertainment. That’s not to say that a grad student’s nose must be glued to the grindstone all the time, just that the apps they tend to prefer on their phone are more the utility kind than the frivolous ones. With that in mind, let’s look at a list of iPhone apps that are suitable for any grad student who’s a natural with this smartphone.


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