Anyone Can Learn to Make a Game

* Anyone Can Learn to Make a Game
Have you ever had an idea for a game or wanted to learn how to make games yourself?
Richard Hart had a vision for the future of gaming, and in 2007 he started my first video game company. He believed that gaming was an incredibly powerful tool and that gaming could change the world.
He wanted to make gaming accessible to anyone who was willing to put in the time and effort to learn.
He has learned a lot over the years and one day he decided he wanted to share what he’d learned. So he created this course aimed at beginners. In this new course he shows learner how to unlock the amazing power of Unity3D. He takes you step by step through the process of creating a simple 3D video game in just a few hours!
While he’s teaching the basics of Unity, he’ll also be revealing the fundamentals of what games are made of and begin to show you how to the power of play.
When you sign up, you’ll get instant access to a growing library of over 70 high definition video tutorials, not to mention full source code examples you can download and try out.
This course will be a good fit for students who:

  • Are willing to take risks and challenge the status quo.
  • Are willing to put in time and effort to learn to create something of real value
  • Are not taking this to get rich quick or think that taking this course will land them a $100,000/year job a a big game studio
  • Have an open mind and are willing to learn, try new things and ask questions
  • It’s for people who want to push the boundaries of traditional games and believe that gaming has the potential to change the world!

While you’re having fun, you’ll be acquiring real skills, using real tools and learning to get your own unique ideas out of your head and into the world.
There are lot’s of game courses out there, but if your looking for something a little different, something that goes way beyond just explaining tools and technology, this is the course for you.
30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
Sign up today!

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