9 Video Tips for a Better Flipped Classroom

* flipped classroom

In 2007, when Colorado high school teachers Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams began experimenting with recording their lectures in order to spend class time on deeper face-to-face learning with students, they probably didnt foresee the major movement that would grow up around what came to be called the flipped classroom.
But six years later, the growth in interest remains exponential, suggesting this is far more than a fad. Just since January 2012, the number of active members on the Flipped Learning Networks Ning site has grown from 2,500 to more than 15,000. Members have formed more than 50 related topic groups. The nonprofit network, cofounded by Bergmann and Sams, also provides professional development seminars and conferences, and, according to Executive Director Kari Arfstrom, is “filling a gap in the education organization world catering to this growing need for information about flipped learning.”
Today, it seems, there is no one correct way to flip the classroom, and approaches vary both by subject and educational philosophy. But no matter what the underlying philosophy, creating, curating, and maintaining a trove of video resources is central to success. To help educators who are new to flipping the classroom, T.H.E. Journal recently asked several experienced educators to offer their video-related best practices.
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