9 Creative Storytelling Tools

For many students, writing a novel summary is not exactly a glamorous assignment. But writing a novel summary using a timeline-based storytelling platform with embedded original content, hyperlinks, videos, and pictures might just make developing re-cap of A Christmas Carol interesting, argues Lake Geneva Middle School language arts teacher Rob Granger.
In lieu of standard re-caps, Granger asks his students to create Meographs, four-dimensional narratives that contextualize stories using maps to provide time and place references to original content. A part of the growing BYOD initiative in schools, Meograph is just one of the hundreds of apps designed to reshape storytelling.
T.H.E. Journal asked eduTecher founder and FETC speaker Adam Bellow and Donna Criswell, an instructional integration specialist at the Sudbury (MA) Public School District, for the most creative storytelling apps available, and we did a little digging on our own, too. The results, listed below, turn students into novelists, artists, and moviemakers, with each tool bringing its own powerful mechanism for transforming the traditional narrative–both inside and outside the classroom.
According to Bellow, students can share these stories with, at the very least, their peers, but also with friends and family and on social networks, “So there’s a real audience out there who can find their stories as well.”
Full Text: 9 Creative Storytelling Tools That Will Make You Wish You Were A Student Again — THE Journal.

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