6 Useful iPhone Apps for Postgraduate Students

It’s not just a phone today; for some people, it’s a way of life. The iPhone from Apple has not just revolutionized the way we communicate but also the way we access and use information and knowledge.

For the graduate student who has crossed one stage of college life and is now in a more serious phase, the iPhone is more of a management and study tool than a source of fun and entertainment. That’s not to say that a grad student’s nose must be glued to the grindstone all the time, just that the apps they tend to prefer on their phone are more the utility kind than the frivolous ones. With that in mind, let’s look at a list of iPhone apps that are suitable for any grad student who’s a natural with this smartphone.




  1. iGraduation: Every college student dreams of the day they graduate, whether they’re doing a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Use this app to keep track of your date of graduation and set up a countdown timer with the number of hours and minutes left till you’re officially a postgraduate. The ticking clock also serves to remind you that your time at college is limited and that you need to get started on whatever you need to do before you graduate, be it prepare for your exams or propose to your girlfriend or complete that bet with your friend.
  2. Now Hiring: If you’re still a student, you’re definitely going to be looking for a job to work on when you graduate, and with the Now Hiring app, you can search for jobs based on various filters like location and payment among others, and email listings to your mail address so you can apply for them later. This app aggregates all the latest job postings from the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Spain, France and India.
  3. iProcrastinate: If you are in the habit of procrastination, then iProcrastinate is just the app for you – it helps you manage your schedules effectively and efficiently and keeps you from forgetting important events and deadlines.
  4. iClickr PowerPoint Remote: PowerPoint presentations form a part of every college student’s routine; so the next time you make one, convert your iPhone into a cool remote control with this app. Just use the buttons on the interface not just to play and pause your presentation but also to add annotations on the go and set an alarm so you finish before your time runs out.
  5. iBookStore: One of the best and smartest ways to buy books from right where you are using your iPhone is through the iBookStore app; all you need to do is take a picture of the book’s barcode with your iPhone or enter the ISBN number, title and author to find where it’s cheapest, and the make your payment. Better yet, send the link to your parents or well-meaning aunts and uncles so that they can buy the book for you.
  6. Wi-Fi Finder: Free Wi-Fi hotspot connections are always popular with the college crowd, and when your iPhone can find the best and strongest signals using this app, why would you not want to download, especially because it’s free as well?


This article first appeared in Blog By Carol in June 2010

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